Mangwee Smart Farmer

Mangwee has developed an online trading platform which provides innovative ways through ICT-enabled services to help in the dissemination of timely information on agricultural advise, financial services and agricultural marketing for farmers to improve their capacity, productivity and mitigate risks.

Our platform provides farmers with improved access to financial services such as banking, insurance, finance and Money Transfer. Farmers will also be able to trade online and conduct electronic payments in the settlement of financial transactions. The platform has the following features;

  1. Online farmer registration
  2. SMS marketing of farm products the farmer is selling
  3. Electronic mobile wallet
  4. No Monthly service charges on savings
  5. Electronic payments
  6. Voucher system
  7. Free advertisement (Terms and Conditions Apply)
  8. Utility Bills payments
  9. Farm equipment financing (Loan scheme)
  10. SMS alerts to farmers on farming best practices, climate change issues, farming tips and more

Agricultural advisory

Farmers’ information priorities include accurate local weather forecasts, crop specific advisory sequenced according to the stage in the crop cycle and price information. Our platform collect commodity prices through mobile technologies and acquire updated research finding.

The information, collected through our platform will be disseminated to farmers inform of information on weather, commodity prices and crop cultivation to registered farmers through Short Messaging Service (SMS). Once this information is provided to farmers, it will empower farmer as they are better informed and will be prepared to utilise their resources profitably.

Financial services

We provide farmers with access to adequate, timely and low-cost credit from Kiva our corporating partners for sustainable and profitable farming. We use small shops and booths in communities as agents, this solves the challenges of bring all farmers within the banking reach at affordable costs.

We are able to facilitate financial services such as savings, credit, insurance and remittance through our network of agents. Our platform will hold farmers’ information regarding the land details, crop history and financial transactions, which will help our partners to process and sanction crop loans faster. 

Collection of Loans

Farmers will be able to initiate loan requests through mobile phones. They will visit any mangwee registered agro dealer to collect farm implements equivalent to the loan amount upon confirmation that the loan has been granted. Farmers will not be able to collect cash outs for these loans. This will save the farmer valuable time and energy to obtain institutional loans.

Agricultural marketing

We provide an electronic market to farmers for marketing their produce of all their farm produce. We will provide farmers with the much needed market knowledge and give them greater confidence in understanding the demand of their produce and enhance ability to control production and manage supply chains. The Mangwee platform will help farmers to deal directly with large wholesalers, traders or directly with the processors rather than small-scale intermediaries.

This platform will help farmers to develop a broader network of contacts which will help in making better decisions regarding transportation and logistics, price and location, supply and demand and cheaper access to inputs. Farmers will not have to spend money to travel long distances to look for market. All they will have to is login to our platform and search for buyers or sellers of farm produce from the comfort of their home. Once they find what they want to buy, they contact the seller via phone or email and once they agree, they pay electronically using the same platform. The platform will give farmers the following benefits;

  1. Save on transportation costs to look for market
  2. Provide farmers with a ready market for their produce
  3. SMS alerts of farm goods and services being offered by other farmers
  4. Secure way to make payments
  5. Reduce on risk of theft since payments will be electronic
  6. Promote regional trade and integration

In August, 2018, we conducted a successful pilot with CTA (The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Co-operation) where we remitted funds to 152 beneficiaries in 12 districts of Zambia. Please get in touch with us to schedule for a demo of the platform but the live payment platform can be accessed by clicking this link  This solution can be deployed anywhere in the world.

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